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Welcome to the Marine Life of the Dampier Archipelago Website

The Dampier Archipelago lies off the north-western coast of Australia, approximately 1550 km north of Perth. Between 1998 and 2000 a partnership between the Western Australian Museum and Woodside Energy Ltd. was formed to survey and collect the marine flora and fauna of the Dampier Archipelago.

This project has lead to an enormous increase in both the number of museum specimens and in the knowledge of the marine species that occur in the Dampier Archipelago. The surveys have resulted in the recording of more than 4 500 species, many new to science. The marine life in the region is now recognised as one of the most diverse in Australia.

Photo of a Brown Algae

Explore the Collection

You can explore the collection to find out more about the flora and fauna that inhabit the waters of the Dampier Archipelago. Alternatively, you can explore the major marine habitats of the region.


Search the online database to discover whether a particular family, genus or species was recorded, or which organisms were present in specific areas of the archipelago.


You can enjoy a range of fun activities that relate to the marine life of the Dampier Archipelago, including 'Match the Habitat' and 'Complete the Foodweb'.

About the Collection

Find out more about the Dampier Archipelago and the Woodside Project, including methodology employed during surveys of the marine life of the archipelago.

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